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Idencard Digital Business Card App

Why Idencard

Give your business identity a face-lift with crisp, clear and concise digital business cards.

Idencard Mobile

Digital Profile

IDENCARD is the next big thing in digital transformation. Jolt the jinx of expensive physical cards and switch to IDENCARD to get more information delivered with elegance in less time and space.

Seamless Sharing

Simply scan the QR code to exchange IDENCARDs securely with anyone, on any device, to start multiplying your business network.

Contact Management

Manage your IDENCARD contacts effortlessly with just a tap. Add notes & comments; Create, customize, organize and share contacts at any time and from just about anywhere.

Idencard Mobile

Easily Customizable

Keep your business card always up-to-date. Changes you make to your IDENCARD are updated in real-time and take effect on your people’s devices instantly.

Rich User Experience

Getting started with IDENCARD takes less than a minute and its intuitive, easy-to-use interface vows a pleasant user experience, even for the novice.

Smart Notifications

Get smart, real-time notifications whenever there is a modification made by your contacts to their IDENCARDs.

IDENCARD Business Login

Giving business admins the privilege to create unique digital business cards for their employees with customizable theme that keeps pace with their brand’s identity and vision. With just a few taps, business admins can create IDENCARDS for their employees with custom theme; upload their brand’s logo and other important details such as employee designation, contact and social links; and distribute them across their corporate circle to scale up their business.

90-Day Free Trial

Try all premium IDENCARD features free for 90 days to create, manage and verify employee identities.

Verified Employees

Once the information logged in on an employee’s digital business card is verified by the business owner, the employee profile becomes verified, which guarantees information authenticity and prevents spam.


Add as many employees to IDENCARD as you prefer. Choose 'Bulk Upload' to add multiple employees at once.

Custom theme

Give your IDENCARD a theme background and color of your choice to resonate with your business image.

Idencard smart digital business card

Find out where your card was scanned

How digital business cards work

IDENCARD app is powered by GPS-enabled QR code tracking to help you easily find out the exact location where your card was scanned by a prospect. When you distribute a digital business card and someone scans its QR code to add you or your employee to his or her list of connections, the location where the card was scanned is logged in the card and is shown between the Option and the Comment icon on your card.


Choose a color that best speaks your business

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Custom Theme

Give your IDENCARD a theme background and color of your choice to resonate with your business image.


8 of 10 global businesses are going digital to protect trees and say no to paper. They're responsive to nature, and you?

Idencard Go Green Initiative

Save Paper

Reduce the use of paper to save the environment. We're contributing our bit. Are you?

Save Time

Unlike printed physical cards, it takes less than a minute to create and share an IDENCARD.

Save Money

Create your IDENCARD for just a fraction of the cost of getting a physical card printed.

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